Home Visits


Home visits are friendly and intended to offer support and information. They are also a requirement of the USDA and included in the agreement you sign when you join the Food Program.


Your KNC consultant will visit your home at least three times a year. Two of these visits will be unannounced, and at least two visits will be at meal times.

During each visit your consultant will provide you with technical assistance in meeting Program requirements, answer any questions you may have and share many new and exciting ideas. During this visit she will complete a Home Visit Form and a 5-day Reconciliation of meals and children claimed, and review your current and past Food Program records.

Your first visit will be within the first 28 days of keeping Food Program records. It’s a great time to ask your consultant any questions that have come up since you first signed up.

Home visits will be conducted every few months. Your consultant will visit with you and offer assistance as needed, review KNC records, and will share support materials and activities to encourage the children in your care.

Prior Notice is required whenever you will be closed or away from your home during meal service time. You may do this by calling your consultant directly, calling the KNC office, sending an email or enclosing a copy of your Child Care schedule for the coming month with your claim submission.

KNC is reviewed yearly by an independent reviewer. Review visits are much like Home Visits and ensure that Kids’ Nutrition Company, Inc. supports and trains providers well on CACFP Nutrition Guidelines, documentation, and all the requirements of the program. An announcement of this audit will appear in the monthly newsletter, but the audit visits are generally unannounced. The auditor will have appropriate identification.

• Additionally the CACFP is routinely audited by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. These visits may or may not be scheduled in advance and the auditor may be accompanied by a consultant from Kids’ Nutrition Company, Inc. When you sign the USDA Agreement form, you agree to allow these audit visits to be completed.