Important Points


Provider-Purchased Foods

Only food paid for by the provider and prepared in her home may be claimed for reimbursement, i.e., if a picnic lunch is prepared and taken elsewhere to eat the provider may claim reimbursement. However, food purchased at a restaurant or fast food outlet CANNOT be claimed for reimbursement.

Food Provided by Parent After First Birthday

If a parent brings food it can’t be claimed by the provider for reimbursement even if it is only one portion of the meal or snack. While the food the parent brought may be served, the provider must make sure that all the requirements for a given meal are filled by foods that she has purchased and serves at the meal.

Food Provided by Parents for Infants

Parents of children under one year of age may supply one component, for example, mother’s milk, iron-fortified infant formula, or solid foods. The provider must supply all other components. Please note: jarred desserts and whole milk are not creditable.

Carefully Complete Forms

Write only the foods you claim on the menu form, being careful to list meat on the meat line, milk on the milk line, etc. Failure to complete the form accurately may result in the loss of reimbursement.

Listing Food Served

Be specific as you complete your menus. Rather than list the name of a dish like lasagna, enchiladas, or stew, break down the dish by the items in it. For instance, in lasagna you may have ground beef as your meat item, tomato sauce as a vegetable and the lasagna noodles as the bread. Also keep in mind that a combination food can only be claimed for three components at any one meal. So even though a tostada, for instance, my contain components from four categories – cheese, lettuce and tomato, pinto beans and tortilla – you can’t claim just the tostada for a lunch or supper. An additional item must be served, too.

Specify the Kind of Food Served

Always list the type of juice, cereal, cracker, i.e, grape juice, Cheerios, graham crackers.

Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

If a child has a food allergy or dietary restriction that prevents him or her from being served a primary component on the CACFP, your consultant will give you a Special Diet Statement for the child’s pediatrician to complete and return to KNC.

Claim Restriction

Please record only those meals you are claiming for reimbursement. Remember you can only claim two meals and one snack or two snacks and one meal per child.

Homemade and Items Requiring Added Ingredients

Many foods aren’t creditable unless they’re homemade or have had meat or vegetables added, such as chili, soup, meat sauce, macaroni and cheese, pizza, ravioli, meat balls, meatloaf, etc. When you serve these items, you should note on your menu that they are homemade with “HM,” that they have Child Nutrition label with “CN” or that you’ve added cheese or meat with “+cheese/meat.”

Serving Sizes

Serving sizes do not have to be recorded. Please refer to the CACFP Food Chart for required serving amounts. You are required to prepare and offer the proper amount of each component and let the child decide if/how much to eat.

USDA Crediting Handbook

Please read the USDA Crediting Handbook thoroughly so you’ll be familiar with foods which may not be claimed for reimbursement.