Provider Responsibilities  




Participating in the CACFP is very straightforward and simple. Here are the basics:


Before starting the program you must have a valid child care license and KNC must have a copy on file. Each year you need to send an updated license with new stickers to KNC during the month of your anniversary. This is a yearly requirement.

Attendance Record

Sign In/Out forms are part of your licensing requirements. Your KNC representative will review these records during visits and you may be asked to submit them with your monthly claims.

CACFP Crediting Handbook

USDA has developed a Crediting Handbook that will assist you in determining what foods are creditable. This guide is enclosed and is easy to read and understand. Click on the link above and take a moment to review the contents. It’s easy to read and understand, and will help you make great food choices and avoid deductions because of serving non-creditable foods.

Meal Serving Time Guidelines

It is best practice to allow at least two hours between the start of one meal/snack and the next, and at least an hour and a half between the end of one meal/snack and the start of the next. This allows children to build up a good appetite. Should your serving times or days change, please let your consultant know immediately, and complete a Meal Time Change Form and send to KNC right away.

Vacations, Sick Days or Off-Site Field Trips

Prior notice is required whenever you will be closed or away from your home during meal service time. You may give notice by calling your consultant directly, calling the KNC office, sending an email or enclosing a copy of your Child Care schedule for the coming month with your claim submission.

License Capacity

Kids’ Nutrition Company, Inc., can only pay you for the number of children your license allows. For most providers that is six preschool-aged children, two before and after school children and no more than two children under the age of two. Your own children under the age of twelve are included in your license capacity.

Holidays and School Vacations

If you claim meals on legal and school holidays. please make sure to note it on the Meal Count or you will not be paid for those meals.


If you move within the KNC service area you can continue participation as soon as you are licensed at the new address and you have submitted a copy of your new license. Please let your consultant and your licensing caseworker know in advance if you are moving.