All providers qualify for Tier 1 Reimbursement as of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022  and only providers who qualify to claim their own children are required to complete additional paperwork.

Reimbursement Levels for Providers


There are two levels of reimbursement for meals: Tier 1 (higher) and Tier 2 (lower). Kids’ Nutrition Company, Inc., will determine which of the two amounts you will receive based on the following criteria:

– Location of your family child care home

– Your household income

– Income of each enrolled child’s household

Tier 1

If your household income qualifies for Tier 1, you may also claim your own children, under age thirteen, for meals served when child care kids are in attendance.

If you are not eligible based on your neighborhood school, you may qualify based on your household income. To confirm your income, KNC is required to request information that verifies household income.

If census data for your neighborhood school indicates 50% or more of the attending students receive free or reduced-rate lunches, your home will qualify for this higher reimbursement.

Tier 2

You will receive Tier 2 reimbursement if you do not qualify for Tier 1.

Mixed Tier

If you do not qualify for Tier 1, you may qualify for a higher reimbursement level based on enrolled children’s household income. The rules require sponsors, at your request, to give income applications to all households of children in care. The household income information is confidential and only available to Kids’ Nutrition Company, Inc. The application is renewed yearly.

Contact us for the current reimbursement rates and income guidelines.