Required Forms

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Child Enrollment Form

Each child in your care must be enrolled using a Child Enrollment Form during the first month in care. You are only required to complete the Provider Information section.

Parents are required to complete all information relating to the child. You will want to review the enrollments to ensure that the information provided by the parent is correct. If any information has been omitted or listed incorrectly, have the parent make the necessary changes.

Enrollments should be completed and submitted with the Meal Count and Menu forms for the month the child begins care.

Enrollment forms are renewed yearly in September, regardless of when you first enrolled the child.

It is recommended that enrollment forms, particularly when they’re being renewed, be completed in your home. This makes it easier for corrections to be made quickly and easily.

Enrollments are three-tiered. White copy is submitted to KNC, yellow copy is for your records and pink copy is for parents.

View a sample child enrollment  form.


Meal Count Forms

The Meal Count is the form you use to track which meals were served to which children.

It must be kept daily and is submitted after you’ve completed the month with your menus and any new Child Enrollment Forms.

It should be mailed with your menus at the start of the new month.
If Meal Counts and Menus are received after the 5th, your reimbursement may be delayed.

While children may receive several meals and snacks while in your care you should
only record two meals and one snack or two snacks and one meal per child per day.

Again, the Meal Count is kept daily and submitted monthly with Menus and any new Child Enrollments.

View a sample meal count form.

Menu Forms

Menu forms allow you to document exactly what you served the children in your care.

It ensures that you are meeting the meal pattern requirements for both infants and children one to twelve years of age.

Because both the Regular and Infant Menus have templates clearly showing meal and snack requirements, it’s easy to follow and simple to catch errors.

Menu forms must be completed daily and submitted monthly with the Meal Count and any new Child Enrollments.

View a sample menu form.
View a sample infant menu form for an infant 1-6 months old.
View a sample infant menu form for an infant who has just begun solids.
View a sample infant menu form for an infant who is eating a variety of solid foods.